Piano Rentals


We have programs to suit your situation and budget whether you need a piano for a night, a trial period, or a lifetime. 

1. Piano Rent to Own Program

Our rent to own program enables you to try out one of our brand new vertical pianos for six months at $50.00/month. If you need a piano for a short term period, or you're just not sure if your child will stick with it, this is a low cost option to have a brand new piano without a long term commitment. And if you decide to purchase the piano, the rental payments will go towards the purchase price. Call or come by our showroom to speak with one of us to learn more about this program. 

2. Event Rentals

If you need a piano for your outdoor wedding, cocktail party, or even corporate function, Summitt Pianos has the right size piano or keyboard to fit your needs. The event piano rental pricing is as follows for a three day event:
Piano Rentals, Chattanooga
Keyboard: $300.00 (If you pick up. We can deliver and pick up for an additional $100)

Vertical Piano: $350.00

Grand Piano: $650.00

Concert Grand Piano* - Steinway & Sons: $1,500.00

Onsite Tuning of Piano - $125.00

*Concert Grand Piano requires the $125.00 onsite tuning


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